Esino, Product Development, Design, Prototyping and Project Management all in one

Esino, A state of the art manufacturer based out of China, over heading a network of assets, expertise, and facilities strategically designed from the start of business development, to provide companies with the tools and processes needed for success and achieving a profitable return on investment, our products and machinery are of high standards and quality, and we do not compromise quality for quantity, we have the capabilities to generate hundreds of thousands of units at a time without sacrificing efficiency or quality of design.  


The future of product development is exciting. With rapid technological advancements comes the freedom to act on new product ideas and concepts, but this opportunity also brings a floodgate of product information that can be hard to navigate for any small business or corporation without an expert product design agency by their side. Outsourcing your product development needs provides you with more time to focus on your core business while product development experts handle the product design and manufacturing.

product development, facility management, prototyping, project managment

Esino is with you from start to finish, from prototyping to sales,


 from product design to optimization, we have the capabilities and resources for success. 


Esino has been providing companies with product development services since 1985, it is a high reputation company within the manufacturing industry that prides itself on its ability to deliver quality products in an efficient timeframe without compromising product design or functionality.


We focus our product development services on product design and the manufacturing process, we implement an innovative business model that cuts down costs for our clients while never sacrificing product quality or functionality.

Esino also provides a clean productive environment at our various facilities to host meetings, product development discussions, and client relations


Services Generally Inquired 




Concept and Design


Product Assembly

Project Management

Repair and Technical Services

Electrical Engineering

Quality Control

Product to Market

Ideas Patented

Start-Up Friendly



Esino is a highly reputable entity within product design and manufacturing; we will work with your company to create impressive products without compromising costs in any way. 


If you are looking for product development services, contact Esino today to initiate your project, we will create a seamless bridge of connectivity between your products development and your ideas, bringing them to life quickly and efficiently with a high level of cost effectiveness.

We will out bid your current manufacturer and provide you with higher standards in quality and product efficiency 


Benefits of working with Esino


State-of-the-art machinery takes manufacturing to the next level.

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Our skilled and innovative team will bring your idea to life.


We can create a working prototype with a quick turnaround time


Design Services, Prototyping, Tooling, Product Fulfillment, Project Management


Esino’s account managers will guide you along your product development journey.


Our experienced technicians can help you repair damaged or returned products

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Save Hundreds of thousands on manufacturing, prototyping, tooling, and design all in one, accompanied by a dedicated project management team to ensure your numbers and deadlines are fulfilled with expert precision, We will provide a quote better than your current provider, we make money by saving our clients money.


Esino is a China-based product design and manufacturing agency that has been around since 1985, providing companies with product development services of top quality while cutting costs in every way


Our facilities include


Dongguan Manufacturing Facility

product development, quality control, manufacturer in China, made in china, prototype, product invention


Shenzen research and development center

and our Esino USA project management facility and operations


The unique corporate culture of ESINO gives ESINO people enthusiasm and faith, provides continuous power for ESINO people, and becomes the cornerstone of ESINO's rapid development. We take care of our own and provide our teams with the assets, and expertise to guide them to success in all aspects.

We take a family approach to our work culture and support each division as a unified network together to achieve maximum strategic success for our clients.


Science and technology are the tools for innovation leading to future success. As a high-tech enterprise pursuing healthy life, ESINO has always been committed to the development of smarter, safer, and more portable technology products. For example, as sports health (Fit)" is labeled as the main three core product lines, there will be more portable rehabilitation physiotherapy products and home appliances products on the market-- aiming to create a more comfortable, intimate, and pleasant life for users.


ESINO promotes a healthy life, never cutting corners, polished products, brand building, meticulous service, adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, continuous creation of value for customers”, and practices "honesty and trustworthiness, pioneering and innovative, and hard work.” The value of "struggle, cooperation and win-win" pioneers the ambitious vision of "creating a well-known brand and establishing a century-old enterprise".


After ten years of sharpening a sword, the sharp edge will eventually come out. ESINO will eventually be trusted and recognized by thousands of users, standing on top of the world and becoming an internationally renowned brand. ESINO will also allow more users to enjoy a more relaxed and healthier technological life


Esino is a China-based product design agency that has been around since 1985, they are highly reputable within product design and manufacturing with an innovative corporate culture that focuses on cutting costs for their clients without compromising product quality or functionality, contact them today


Quality Product Development and Manufacturing

Esino has created the opportunity and availability of higher standards in product development, design, manufacturing, and servicing.


This is a highly effective business model, fortifies any existing structure or idea for a new business, or product with a precision channel of inventory, concepts, prototypes, quality control, repairs and much more all in one.


 Giving yourself the peace of mind to tend to your more crucial aspects of building your business, matched with quality customer service, including physical meetings in our office at 18 technology drive, or zoom meetings and phone calls.




Esino product development, design, and prototyping can handle your needs from start to finish.


This includes product creation such as: designing a prototype for production in one of our machining centers or laser cutters with the most up-to-date software and capabilities; product manufacturing is also available at EsinoGo through our extensive product vendor network; we also offer spare parts replacements and repairs along with property refurbishing services which will extend the life of your products beyond expectations.




Esino stands for product development quality implementation concepts product manufacturing product design prototyping spare parts replacements repairs product refurbishing services start at $5000+ price 


Includes full-service financial advice, market research, consulting web design, branding, corporate identity, logo creation, consumer products, industrial automation, software engineering, machine vision AI robotics, CAD, CAM, CAE, electrical wiring, network cabling, compliance testing, security intelligent systems, automotive industry, mining, aerospace, agriculture, defense, semiconductor electronics, biomedical food & beverage packaging medical devices e-commerce clothing apparel jewelry retail, wellness and medical technology and so much more




Business / Product development process summary


- Design and Prototype your product concept or invention idea.


- Developing Retail Ready Packaging for your new product line.


- Product Development & Manufacturing Consultations to help you get started with building your business around a product of yours, an existing brand, or developing the next hot item!




- Customized inventory for online stores where you can sell products online (eCommerce) such as Shopify stores, Amazon sales channels etc.. This is part of what we offer at Esino ., but it's not limited to these two platforms... If there is another e-commerce platform that interests you please reach out via our contact us page so we may discuss further options available for your needs and specification, we also produce products for in-store brick and mortar retail as well.


Please refer to our company case study for any information or questions about Esino or our services


additionally, feel free to contact us directly at 9493333657 for service inquires.