Therapeutic Neck Massaging Devices

Esino Go's exceeds the standards and limitations of traditional innovation, holding strong to the belief that everyone deserves affordable healthcare and recovery from the smallest injuries to professional athletes.


While medical care is more important than ever, Esino Go has dedicated itself to providing equally efficient solutions in your own home, as well as optimizing your routine in your everyday life. This

neck massager with Tens therapy technology is the perfect complement to your at-home physical therapy regimen, after a stressful day or when you are in pain.


The Esinogo Neck Massager offers customizable therapeutic relief and recovery through its unique combination of electronic stimulation with comfortable compression massage elements that work together to effortlessly relieve chronic tension in your upper spine and neck.

This technology is clinically proven to relieve migraine pain, as well as a range of other conditions that can be caused by stress or intense strain on your upper spine and neck. Tens therapy has been medically shown to reduce the effects brought about from over extended periods of time spent sitting at a desk working with computers, phone screens, televisions, or any other type of electronic device that has you constantly sitting up straight.

This neck massager allows for customized therapy sessions with adjustable intensity and pre-programmed massage settings to fit your individual preferences. Whether you are looking to relax after a long day at work or help alleviate migraine pain, Esinogo provides therapeutic relief in an affordable and effective way.

This neck massager with Tens therapy is a great solution for anyone looking to decompress and relax their upper spine and neck after an intense day or work, as well as those who experience chronic pain in the area due to overwork or stress.

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Traveling for work or leisure can be a pain in the neck. There is no rest from pain, not even on vacation. Fortunately, Esino Go has created an affordable neck therapy that makes it easy to get relief when you are out of town and away from your usual pain management routine. The neck massager was designed specifically with business travelers in mind, but doesn't come at the cost of comfort while traveling by airplane or train either! Perfectly sized to fit any full size neck massager within its padded interior compartment, this compact carrying case allows you to quickly store your device inside a carryon suitcase or backpack without taking up too much space or adding additional weight during long trips where every ounce counts.

This travel neck massager is perfect for pain relief on the go and provides a quick, easy way to get pain management in any environment. Whether you are looking for pain relief after working out at the gym or just need some relaxation during your flight delay, this device allows you to bring along therapeutic treatment anywhere life takes you! Perfect for both men and women who want pain management when they are away from home without sacrificing comfort while traveling long distances by plane or train.