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Esino Go at home physical therapy and accessibility technology


Massage technology has been clinically proven to reduce the lime build-up in micro-tears in muscle tissue. Doctors recommend adding home treatments for physical therapy to your massage routine.


Research suggests that daily massage routines may help increase lymphatic flow, thus speeding the removal of metabolic wastes (such as lactic acid) and reducing post-workout soreness. It also reduces cortisol levels while increasing endorphin levels. These changes encourage faster healing and better sleep by promoting relaxation, comfort, and well-being after a hard workout or race.

Massage Therapy technology uses hands-on manual manipulation techniques to stimulate the body's circulation system increasing blood flow, muscle recovery, joint flexibility, and range of motion. The goal of treatment is to improve mobility movement, and function.

In addition to its recovery benefits, massage therapy can be a wonderful way to undo stress and anxiety. On-site professional massage therapists provide a variety of modalities used in the restoration of proper physical function. Esino Go offers several types of clinically proven home care devices that help reduce lactic acid buildup after rigorous exercise―helping you recover faster for other physical activities!

Compression therapy sleeves™ help clear away excess lactic acid from micro-tears, as well as used neurotransmitters, cellular waste products, detoxifying agents, and has been clinically proven to help maintain joint flexibility & range of motion. The device uses clinically proven gentle oscillations to aid lymph flow and improve body tissue hydration.

At-Home sports recovery electronics are clinically tested devices that work together with massage technology to mimic professional sports treatments by helping increase blood flow, muscle recovery, joint flexibility, range of motion.

You can quite literally replace your physical therapy and extra doctor visits with a simple custom build recovery technology system from Esino Go including the arm and leg compression sleeves.

Get rid of the bulky ice pack and cups, and replace it with a simple device that you can take when you travel or when you leave your house to work.

Esino Go's professional grade sports recovery devices are TSA approved so they are not only for your home use- you can use them at work on long 12 hour shifts too! Unlike other products, our devices are designed to last more than 1 year so they are built for continuous use. We do not sell disposable massage devices, which means the cost of using these products compared with alternatives is significantly reduced.

Wherever you go , there will be no need to carry around extra pieces just in case someone wants some quick physical relief after a workout! The best part about TSA approved technology is that it is actually TSA approved, so you can travel with it without hassel.


True efficiency in relief and recovery technologies, available on your time anywhere.